MS, lesions, also known as plaques, are patches of inflammation in the central nervous system in which the nerve cells have been striped of their protective myelin or insulating cover. These demyelinated neurons do not function properly and it is these lesions that give rise to the symptoms of MS.

In relapsing-remitting MS, their is significant recovery as the inflammation dies down. Special maintenance cells called glial cells are responsible for the repair of the damaged nerves. One type of glial cell, called an oligodendrocyte, lays down new myelin and another type, called an astrocyte lays down SCAR tissue.

A STAR is defined as a heavenly body, champion, headliner or a virtuoso. Another definition of a Star is defined as a network whose components are connected to a hub.

My faith in God is my connection and that is how I am "Turning Those MS Scars Into Stars." I am striving to experience the challenge of living with MS as a Blessing, an opportunity to grow in compassion, patience, grace, and love, all of which are blessings - Multiple Blessings Not Multiple Sclerosis!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


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What a great read! This book is a candid look at the affects of Multiple Sclerosis from the Caregivers point of view. But most of all it is a great look at a couples adaptation to life's hurdles as a team. I have been blessed to have a great partner in this fight. But, how do you manage living with MS whether you are alone or with a caring partner?
You start by learning everything you can about the disease and the resources that are available to those with the disability. As well as things that will empower the Caregivers, whom are as affected by the disease as the patient. Fear of the unknown can be as disabling as the disease itself.
You can save yourself some time if you read about the experiences of others with MS and apply those techniques that works for you. Think of it as part of your medical treatment. You will become capable of asking questions of your physician about treatment and able to explain relevant symptoms. For example, from reading this book I learned that sensitivity to salt was a MS trait also. Now I know I should mention this to my neurologist as well as my family doctor. This tip is just one of many in the book.
A surprise feature of this book is the journal page after each chapter, to add your personal notes.
Please enjoy this find and be sure to post your thought here on MS Scars to Stars.