MS, lesions, also known as plaques, are patches of inflammation in the central nervous system in which the nerve cells have been striped of their protective myelin or insulating cover. These demyelinated neurons do not function properly and it is these lesions that give rise to the symptoms of MS.

In relapsing-remitting MS, their is significant recovery as the inflammation dies down. Special maintenance cells called glial cells are responsible for the repair of the damaged nerves. One type of glial cell, called an oligodendrocyte, lays down new myelin and another type, called an astrocyte lays down SCAR tissue.

A STAR is defined as a heavenly body, champion, headliner or a virtuoso. Another definition of a Star is defined as a network whose components are connected to a hub.

My faith in God is my connection and that is how I am "Turning Those MS Scars Into Stars." I am striving to experience the challenge of living with MS as a Blessing, an opportunity to grow in compassion, patience, grace, and love, all of which are blessings - Multiple Blessings Not Multiple Sclerosis!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Today's Food For Thought

I am sure you know that the statement, "As a man thinks so is he or she", is true. Yes, I agree in positive thoughts about yourself and circumstances are good and is the way we should think. But, I do not agree that this is the way to acquire riches and to fulfill all your desires. In my affirmations and prayers, I realized that the outcome is not up to me. I am not in Control, God is. I think that we often discount our blessings and overlook God's goodness to us now. Just in having this world still in it's proper place in the universe, the beauty of this day, a smile on someone elses face, is of far greater value in comparison to my own wants and desires.
Sure, I think that I would be happier having a lot more money and a lot more things.  But will I have the time to acquire them and health and strength to enjoy them? Since, tomorrow is not promised to me, I must live my life one day at a time. Maybe its not about me or my and mine or more.  This I am sure about, what wisdom and knowledge teaches us about giving and sharing is true; I can make my life a little happier and richer just by being generous with the things I have now!